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My Work and my Values
I hold myself to high standards. I agree on a goal with my client and I will work towards that goal with loyalty and confidentiality. My consulting activities are based on an unbiassed, neutral assessment of a given situation.
My almost 30 years of professional experience have taught me among other things that there never are two identical situations, therefore there is no such thing as a standard solution.
I am guided by my experience rather than by preconceived theories.
My approach is hands-on and I work closely with my clients, because purely theoretical concepts will never work. If required in a project, I will work with other independent specialists who share my values.
My deliverables will not only include a bespoke concept; I will also help with its implementation, until it is fully engrained in all everyday activities.
Any HR strategy has to be centered around people. I see all stakeholders as partners in the process and I respect them as such.