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Day-To-Day Coaching
My Day-to-Day Coaching for managers and professionals is about the issues we all face in our daily working lives: We are challenged and motivated as well as frightened and paralysed all at the same time. There are stimulating and innovative subjects to work on and there are the risk-ridden ones that annoy us, or even frighten us, and they have a way of being unavoidable!
That can be having to take on a new role, volontary or not, or a general search for new ideas for a reorientation, discussions with superiors, colleagues or subordinates about one's own ideas and values, etc. The topics are varied, but they have one thing in common: they often require swift action or quick solutions, and it is difficult to foresee the consequences.
Day-to-Day Coaching is by no means behavioral therapy or counselling. I will serve as a trained sparring partner who helps sorting out thoughts and ideas and structuring them into solutions. I am completely unbiassed towards creative and individual ideas, because I have no hidden agenda – only my experience as a professional and as a human being. That is what differentiates me from personal or professional friends.
I recommend a tight time frame for Day-to-Day Coaching:
In my experience 1 to 3 meetings lasting up to 3 hours each will be most efficient.