Prozess Design
If you know the right way, you won't miss your destination.
Implementing a change process such as translating a new strategy into business activities requires foresight and careful planning.
Issues will recur – but still there are no identical processes or projects. Therefore my attention will always be concentrated exclusively on the company at hand and its specific change project.
Every assignment will be structured into basic categories:

• Professional/technical requirements
• Time frame
• Budget
• Emotional aspects
• Information and communicationI will always make sure that all stakeholders are involved in

all stages of the process and that their concerns receive the respect they deserve.
It is always easier to achieve objectives by convincing rather than by giving orders. I take all concerns and fears seriously and I dedicate time to resolving them. That way enough trust can be built to motivate staff to leave their trodden paths and try innovative and company-specific new ways.



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