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My Résumé
Education and
Additional Qualifications
  • Legal studies in Munich, Bonn and Speyer; Clerkship at the Oberlandesgericht Düsseldorf
  • Certified HR Manager; Deutsche Gesellschaft für Personalführung, Düsseldorf
  • Qualification in Systemic and Hypnotherapeutic Coaching; Milton Erickson Institut, Heidelberg
Professional Experience
  • 1990 – 2002: Operative und strategic HR management in small /midsized companies as well as in global corporations; from1992 onwards in senior roles
  • 2003 to date: independent strategy consultant and interim manager
  • Teaching assignments in Labour Law, Hochschule für Bankwirtschaft, Frankfurt/M
Industry Experience
  • Banks, Financial Services, IT, (Mailorder) Retail, Consultancies
Specialist Knowledge
  • Implement and manage the HR side of corporate strategies
  • Process design and implementing restructuring/ re-organising plans/ outsourcing and insourcing
  • Moderate and resolve conflicts between opposing interests in companies
  • Identify crises and develop future-oriented alternative scenarios
  • Identify change-driven opportunities
  • Coach professionals and managers in their daily working lives
  • Practical German labour law
  • Die Rückkehr des Kranichs – eine Fabel über Veränderungsprozesse, Pfadverlag – 2003
    The Return of the Crane – A Fable about Change, 2003