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Labour Law
Most managerial decisions involve labour law issues. And that German idiosyncrasy, co-determination, certainly has its pitfalls. If the negotiating parties are unwilling to compromise, long and costly legal procedures can ensue.
My strength is moderating between the conflicting interests of employers, employees, managers and workscouncils. I will involve all stakeholders in finding a solution. That solution will take all interests into consideration, but it will still be in keeping with both business and legal requirements.
I utilise my legal know-how to help avoiding law suits. I am firmly positioned on the employers' side, but I integrate all concerned parties into the solution, including their knowledge and their agendas. Even in negatively charged situations involving redundancies and restructuring I will help implementing corporate objectives in close cooperation with representatives from both the employer and the employee side.
I have a number of references confirming this given to me from both workscouncils and senior managers.